Why I am cheering on Joice Mujuru

Ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru has bounced back into politics and not many people are happy with that. On her shoulders, she still bears all the human rights violations that Zanu Pf committed against the people of Zimbabwe for the past thirty five years. No doubt her hands are not the cleanest and of course she is not a saint. Lets not get that twisted.

But, I have been waiting eagerly for something like this to happen. I have many reasons why. Firstly, she is the second major woman opponent after Margaret Dongo to challenge Robert Mugabe since independence. I am a woman and as the late great American author Maya Angelou said, ”it would not make sense to not be on my own side”. Therefore, the woman in me wants this to happen; a meaningful threat to Robert Mugabe from a woman.

Secondly, Joice Mujuru has the kind of leverage, in my opinion, that is needed to challenge the current regime meaningfully. It’s an open secret that Zanu Pf, under the leadership of Robert Mugabe, has done everything to stifle opposition politics. The so called constitutional means to democratically elect a government in Zimbabwe exist only on paper but in practice Zimbabweans have witnessed electoral theft, vote rigging and political violence.

For thirty five years, Joice was on the inside. In my mind, she knows methods that were used to quash opposition parties. Therefore, she has the most advantage to tackle the rogue regime and bring change to the people. At this point in time, all Zimbabweans want is change. And with Joice Mujuru having learnt a hard lesson that if you mismanage the country the people will rise against you, she is surely bound to do better.

I am not a People First party member or supporter. I am non-partisan but I stand for the truth and for freedom. The truth is that we need someone, something to bring about change into the politics of Zimbabwe. Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDCT has really tried his part and of course Mugabe has not only outwitted/overpowered him, he has also ensnared him with government benefits thereby tainting his image in the eyes of many. Of course Morgan Tsvangirai did for opposition politics what Mike Tyson did for boxing. He paved a way. He created the pitch but I think he now needs help in opposition politics.

Thirdly, as the common adage goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The way Joice Mujuru was degraded and dehumanised by Grace Mugabe is inspiration enough to fight tooth and claw. It is also enough reason to not only want to upset status quo, but to prove her mettle. This is getting interesting indeed. We are human beings and no-matter what intellectual level we have, we are still emotional beings. The fury that Joice has for having been mocked and made fun of will definitely play a part in how she takes the fight to Robert Mugabe. I mean, Joice Mujuru was dressed down in public, on national TV and even her body was made a subject of scorn by Grace Mugabe.

Fourthly, Joice Mujuru is no stranger to fighting. She is a liberation war hero. I know that because of the suffering that Mugabe has brought on the people, Zimbabweans now see the liberation struggle as nothing to be proud of. But I think that the liberation struggle was a great thing which was done by fathers and mothers. The people of Zimbabwe needed to be delivered from colonial rule but Robert Mugabe later selfishly hijacked the liberation struggle and held the people ransom for it. We suffer today because Robert Mugabe reversed the gains of independence by abandoning the rule of law, embarking on politics of greed and holding on to power past his sell by date. If Robert Mugabe had handed over power, he would have not had to drive out white Zimbabweans from their farms all which he did just to spin the ”liberation struggle” all over again. It never made sense then and now. These guerrilla tactics are also something Joice knows very well. I think it will be interesting to see the student versus the master. The  drama queen in me cannot wait for all the fireworks that might come out of this fight. Pardon me.

Last but not least, I am indeed cheering on Joice Mujuru. I am giving her the onus to vindicate all of us women from the curse of Grace. Joice, has the weight on her shoulders to be both an architect and builder of a new class in the opposition politics of Zimbabwe. Like Angela Merkel of Germany, you can lead better with a motherly heart if you choose to. And Joice, people, me included, cannot trust you yet because you dined and wined with devil for 35 years. But, you also know where things went wrong. Zimbabweans know where things went wrong too.

But I feel that Joice Mujuru is the oxygen that the opposition politics needs at the moment.


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