Open Letter to MDCT President Tsvangirai


Writing this open letter was difficult. Why, because anyone or anything fighting the rogue regime of Zanu Pf deserves some respect from me.

But I had to  comment on those controversial pictures which were circulated on social media. I don’t understand why, Mr Tsvangirai, you would pose in such a regular un-businesslike manner with women.

See Mr Tsvangirai, there is something called branding which means the image that people see you as. We first saw you as a fighter and later of course there were unpalatable incidences between you and women. That tainted your brand. Therefore any unpresidential poses you make with women will only serve to remind us of Locadia Karimatsenga and Legend of the Seas among others. You should know better.

As a follower of both your work and party I don’t expect to be reminded of your appalling record with women during the time you were scouting for a wife.

MR President, that wasn’t presidential at all.


Edinah Masanga


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