Why feminists are angry

I don’t agree with people saying oh ‪Justin Bieber‬ posed nude and so can‪ ‎Kim Kardashian‬. I will tell you my own opinion why I think Kim Kardashian can’t pose nude and claim to empower women using ‘their (naked) bodies’. The thing is, women’s bodies have been violently objectified as sex objects for so long that as women we actually need to stop feeding into that objectification by shunning what society has set us up to do – which is to sell our bodies to satisfy sexual fantasies of men (and now women alike).

Posing nude as a woman is more harming than empowering because it serves to authenticate the assumption that women are only as good as their bodies. In this century, our biggest challenge as women is to prove that we are so much more than thigh gaps and d-cups. We are intellectually powerful in so many ways than one, not with our naked bodies but with our bold brains.A man wrote to me  after I posted – on Facebook – that women are shamed for having a robust/eventful/plural sex life and are not expected to enjoy sex otherwise they get slut shamed. The man’s argument was that sex workers (he used a derogatory term ‘prostitute’) have so much sex they must enjoy it. No they don’t and yes I speak for them. Ladies who sell sex – and I speak for women because I am a feminist- have nothing to enjoy. They are not in the business for enjoyment. They are there to sell a product whereas men are there to enjoy. There is a huge difference there.

Let’s do the math; a sex worker will service lets say ten or twenty men with different shapes and sizes as well as (non)hygienic standards while each and every one of those clients satisfy themselves to one person only – the sex worker. So I understand why men see differently to sex with sex workers; they are not the ones getting the long end of the stick (no pun intended). So men, don’t speak for women, it’s better that way.

The point is, women’s bodies must not be policed in such a way that they are deprived the same privileges afforded to men. If men are hailed as sex heroes then women can be heroines too.

Lastly, I read a story on CNN where a female  former porn star lamented getting heckled. People who heckle porn stars amaze me. If you can recognize a porn star it means you watched her in action, so if you are a consumer of pornography, what makes you better than the one who made it to satisfy your demand for it?

All this makes me angry. Women’s bodies are retrogressively policed.

I am a very angry feminist.


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