It’s high time Zimbabweans boycott musicians who support Zanu pf

Musicians, it’s not Zanu pf that made you famous. Let’s get that straight. It’s us the ordinary people with our hard earned money. And for us to see you going to cheer on Mugabe as he proclaims his dictatorship is very painful.

We condemned it when Tuku played at the so called million man march and now Suluman has done it too.

By providing the jingles for Zanu pf dictatorship, you become complicit in the atrocities perpetrated by Zanu pf on the millions of suffering Zimbabweans.  The murderous regime has killed, directly and by proxy, tens of thousands of Zimbabweans.Don’t take my money, get famous on my account and then tell me it’s just business. But then, surprise surprise, it’s not business as usual in Zimbabwe. And it’s surely not ‘just business’ when you perform as part of a party which is presiding over the worst suffering of Zimbabweans since the liberation war.

As musicians, you are capable of swaying public opinion be aware of that and I’m sure you are. You are capable of drawing crowds to come and listen to centenarian Mugabe while he vows to continue presiding over the starvation, murdering, torturing and robbing of the people.

Robbing our children of their future. Robbing us of our dignity. Sending millions of Zimbabweans scattering around the whole world into some places where they are stripped of their dignity and self worth.

Zanu pf hires you once in a while but we hire you all year round. Show some respect. I hope Zimbabweans can start boycotting all of you like we shutdown the country. Your reputations, your music is getting tainted by the blood of all the people who were bashed by riot police in Epworth, Mabvuku and Ruwa just days ago. And many more who died from political violence unleashed by Zanu pf dissidents.

You are propping up the regime. You are helping them to continue oppressing us. The music that we play to ease our sorrows can’t be the same music that provides melody to the corrupt and merciless government, whose leader flies around the world on a huge budget while a starving teacher gets hundred dollars after 40 days.

Providing music to enable Zanu pf to keep trampling on the people is akin to singing for a murderer while they kill your parents. Musicians, WE made you and there is no doubt about that.

Zanu pf uses you because you are popular through us who bought your music, came to your shows and showed you love. You could do the same and show us some love by boycotting this regime.

I am calling on all sane Zimbabweans who are serious about dislodging Zanu pf to start boycotting all musicians who support the rogue regime. I said this before and I will say it again, you cannot standby and watch a crimes of humanity being committed and then plead innocence. You are not innocent, you are guilty by association.



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