How to love a feminist

Feminists live with stereotypes every day; ”they are not lovable, they are rude, they don’t need love, they are hot-headed, they are, well, everything wrong”.

It’s mostly men who are afraid of strong women who say these things. And we women have been socialized to think likewise as well. There is this notion that love cannot blossom between a feminist and a man – this assumption that because we are strong, we don’t need a cuddle, or pink flowers, or mutual support. And therefore if a woman falls in love with a man she has to optimize her strength to fit into the box of socially defined acceptability.

The pressure on men to be strong is a cause and a symptom of the insatiable desire by men to strip women with strong personalities of their strength. In other words, a fertile breeding ground for abuse of all forms against women. But, strength, in this case intellectually, can be bestowed upon anyone by nature and that should not affect how people love each other. Continue reading “How to love a feminist”

Feminism and balance do not go along well

2016 will always be a memorable year for me. It’s the year when I finally became me. It’s funny because all along I had been complimented for being strong, resilient and witty but looking back, there really wasn’t any compliment about me being my authentic self.

I used to write my thoughts on issues, but my voice was more ventriloquist than truly authentic. I censored myself; if I had views I would only write the ones which I felt fitted more into the society we live in.

A writer whom I adore and respect once said to me ”you have to be prudent in your writing”, and with that, I created an even smaller box for myself. I later learned albeit late, that prudence is a word that is used to ask women to be careful not to bruise men’s egos. What you write or say must be sensitive, so they say. Continue reading “Feminism and balance do not go along well”

It’s high time Zimbabweans boycott musicians who support Zanu pf

Musicians, it’s not Zanu pf that made you famous. Let’s get that straight. It’s us the ordinary people with our hard earned money. And for us to see you going to cheer on Mugabe as he proclaims his dictatorship is very painful.

We condemned it when Tuku played at the so called million man march and now Suluman has done it too.

By providing the jingles for Zanu pf dictatorship, you become complicit in the atrocities perpetrated by Zanu pf on the millions of suffering Zimbabweans.  The murderous regime has killed, directly and by proxy, tens of thousands of Zimbabweans. Continue reading “It’s high time Zimbabweans boycott musicians who support Zanu pf”

D-Day for Robert Mugabe as social media coordinated revolution is underway in Zimbabwe

My personal account.

It is 5 July 2016 d-day eve, I have just finished making my supper. It is a simple traditional dish of sadza, beans and leaf vegetables. It is my second favourite comfort food after spinach in peanut butter sauce. Anyway, I cannot eat properly, I am very nervous. I have been tweeting much more than usual, encouraging my people to stay away from work and #ShutDownZimbabwe on Wednesday 6 July.

I am nervous because the regime is known to come up with creative ways and to stifle and crush citizen action against its dictatorship. But I have tweeted a lot anyway, and written a lot anyway. I want so badly for this to happen.

*** Continue reading “D-Day for Robert Mugabe as social media coordinated revolution is underway in Zimbabwe”

Taking from Doctors to pay the Police: Mugabe’s master plan to keep security forces in his grip

Monday 4 July 2016. I do not usually begin my blog posts with a date, but I need to record this one. Something special is happening in Zimbabwe today. Citizens have stood up to the dictatorship and are protesting, mostly in Harare.

Sadly, I can’t be celebrating this phenomenal decision by Zimbabweans because I have been receiving video after video showing Zimbabwe Republic police brutally assaulting protesters in Mabvuku and Epworth.

The over zealousness of the police is not surprising because the government prioritized their salaries over other civil service sectors this month. Notably, all the state security agencies were given priority for salary payment amid the financial malaise that the country is grappling with. Continue reading “Taking from Doctors to pay the Police: Mugabe’s master plan to keep security forces in his grip”

Watershed moment – civil servants have golden opportunity to liberate Zimbabwe

The coercion of civil servants to vote for the ruling party in Zimbabwe is an open secret. I will add allegedly to that statement, just in case. Civil servants have played a pivotal role in helping the Zanu pf government to resist change by aiding the quashing of political pluralism in Zimbabwe.

They are also a key pawn in the politics of Zimbabwe in that they constitute a large part of the educated Zimbabweans who remained in the country and have capacity to vote but whose vote in the past was neither neutral nor objective. Continue reading “Watershed moment – civil servants have golden opportunity to liberate Zimbabwe”

My rude wake up call on how racism helps partriachy

The most challenging part about being an activist is that people create, and expect you to fit into certain boxes. The problem with me is that I am not a ventriloquist. I don’t like being put into boxes or to speak in ‘choreographed’ tones and therefore more often than not I do end up offending or disappointing some people but I can live with that. When you put yourself into the line of fire you can’t complain when the bullets come flying your way. If you catch one and bleed it’s just another day in the office. So, my attitude, when life happens, is to shape up or ship out. Mostly, I shape up. For me, the worst bullet is to have to fight another woman.

This past week, a racist online encounter made me realize that all these years my feminism has been naive, and deliberately oblivious to the complexity of the intersectionality of race and patriarchy in Africa. It was my own rude wake up call on how racism can impede feminism and aid patriarchy, presenting a double barreled problem for me as a feminist. Continue reading “My rude wake up call on how racism helps partriachy”