My rude wake up call on how racism helps partriachy

The most challenging part about being an activist is that people create, and expect you to fit into certain boxes. The problem with me is that I am not a ventriloquist. I don’t like being put into boxes or to speak in ‘choreographed’ tones and therefore more often than not I do end up offending or disappointing some people but I can live with that. When you put yourself into the line of fire you can’t complain when the bullets come flying your way. If you catch one and bleed it’s just another day in the office. So, my attitude, when life happens, is to shape up or ship out. Mostly, I shape up. For me, the worst bullet is to have to fight another woman.

This past week, a racist online encounter made me realize that all these years my feminism has been naive, and deliberately oblivious to the complexity of the intersectionality of race and patriarchy in Africa. It was my own rude wake up call on how racism can impede feminism and aid patriarchy, presenting a double barreled problem for me as a feminist. Continue reading “My rude wake up call on how racism helps partriachy”

The disturbing Fanon(ization) 0f South African Politics

The Fanon(-ization) of ‪#‎SouthAfrican‬ politics by opposition parties and pressure movements is retrogressive methinks. But I want to focus on the decolonization pressure groups in this instance.

Let me hasten to say, before I elaborate on the Fanonization, the problem in South Africa in particular and Africa in general is that any sort of violent protest movement is most likely to be hijacked by (1) criminals who thrive on the violence and commit their criminality under the guise of protest, (2) infiltration by propagandists and other third party movements and in my entirely personal opinion these (revolutionary) movements are not that independent at all. Continue reading “The disturbing Fanon(ization) 0f South African Politics”

Why feminists are angry

I don’t agree with people saying oh ‪Justin Bieber‬ posed nude and so can‪ ‎Kim Kardashian‬. I will tell you my own opinion why I think Kim Kardashian can’t pose nude and claim to empower women using ‘their (naked) bodies’. The thing is, women’s bodies have been violently objectified as sex objects for so long that as women we actually need to stop feeding into that objectification by shunning what society has set us up to do – which is to sell our bodies to satisfy sexual fantasies of men (and now women alike).

Posing nude as a woman is more harming than empowering because it serves to authenticate the assumption that women are only as good as their bodies. In this century, our biggest challenge as women is to prove that we are so much more than thigh gaps and d-cups. We are intellectually powerful in so many ways than one, not with our naked bodies but with our bold brains. Continue reading “Why feminists are angry”

Open Letter to MDCT President Tsvangirai


Writing this open letter was difficult. Why, because anyone or anything fighting the rogue regime of Zanu Pf deserves some respect from me.

But I had to  comment on those controversial pictures which were circulated on social media. I don’t understand why, Mr Tsvangirai, you would pose in such a regular un-businesslike manner with women.

See Mr Tsvangirai, there is something called branding which means the image that people see you as. We first saw you as a fighter and later of course there were unpalatable incidences between you and women. That tainted your brand. Therefore any unpresidential poses you make with women will only serve to remind us of Locadia Karimatsenga and Legend of the Seas among others. You should know better.

As a follower of both your work and party I don’t expect to be reminded of your appalling record with women during the time you were scouting for a wife.

MR President, that wasn’t presidential at all.


Edinah Masanga

Corruption, violence and intimidation: the story of African politics

Sometimes I am tempted to think that Africa is a country as some ignorant people have implied. Seriously. Because, my continent seems to produce pathological power hungry, corrupt, greedy and forever-cling-unto-power dictators.

This post is both personal and emotional for me. I feel dejected and despaired.

It is wide knowledge that Robert Mugabe  has degraded and diminished opposition leaders and parties in  Zimbabwe through systemic violence, intimidation, abduction and murder. The last two elections were; not free and fair and cleverly stolen respectively. Continue reading “Corruption, violence and intimidation: the story of African politics”

Can former President Thabo Mbeki sit down for a moment

Here we go again. I have to write and call out hypocrisy, again! I am a big fan of former South African President Thabo Mbeki. But I am not a fan of his recent proclamations, suggestions and preachings. Presenting himself as an angel. Acting all self righteous.

It seems that the good former president has taken advantage of the current financial quagmire in South Africa to stand up and mete ‘revenge’ at Zuma and ANC. Well, don’t pull a fast one Cde Mbeki. We haven’t really forgotten your own transgressions. Continue reading “Can former President Thabo Mbeki sit down for a moment”

Gender gets eclipsed yet again in Germany gropinggate

First things first; the women who were groped in Cologne, Germany were groped because they are women and not because they are German.

As I continue to read about, with utter dismay, the shameful groping en masse of women who had stepped out to enjoy new year’s eve celebrations by a mob of unruly men, one thing strikes me – women were groped by men. By men. Let that sink.

The most troubling factor about the groping scandal is that people have chosen to focus on the race of the alleged perpetrators and not on the gender of the victims. I know that it is sensational and ‘plausible’ to blame refugees for every wrongdoing in Europe but in this case the most important factor in the gropinggate is that violence against women continues unabated – anywhere in the world. Continue reading “Gender gets eclipsed yet again in Germany gropinggate”